Dorothy Bond

Warehouse Office Manager

  • Number of years in the warehouse and storage industry?


  • How did you start your career within the warehouse industry?

Started off working in the warehouse office as an administration clerk.

  • What does your daily role entail?

Overseeing warehouse storage supervisors, office clerks and helping the distribution centre manager.

  • Which areas of your role do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy all aspects of the warehouse office manager’s role.

  • What is your toughest challenge?

Every day presents tough challenges but we do our best to overcome them.

  • Which member of the team is the biggest character and why?

Adam, he works hard and has got a heart of gold, but you all know when he’s around.

  • Which areas of your role do you feel have changed the most due to technology in the warehouse & logistics industry?

Helping customers and people who are not familiar with, or not confident with the new warehouse and storage technologies.

  • Which areas of the industry do you feel will become more important to prospective customers in the future?

Although they don’t touch and feel their warehouse stock they still have full control through the online K2 Storage secure web login page.

  • Which areas of the business have you seen the most growth in?

Internet related pick and pack operations.

  • What one thing would you change about the warehouse industry?

People’s attitudes towards the calibre of the people required to work in the warehouse and storage industry.

  • What advice would you offer to someone thinking about entering into a career in logistics administration?

They must have a totally flexible approach, and make every customer feel like they are the only customer.

  • What do you do in your spare time to help you relax?

I have a really busy social life, so spending time with friends is my way of relaxing.

  • Who is your biggest hero?

My Mum.