Guide To Business Storage Solutions

What You Need To Look For In A Storage Provider For Your Business

When looking for storage solutions, many business owners will begin by searching for general ‘storage’ providers, or even for self storage providers in a bid to get the cheapest storage possible. Whilst this may seem like a good idea, it’s much more beneficial to take a very careful and considered approach to exactly who you rely on for your business storage solutions. Whilst startups and freelance operations may be strapped for cash and have the time to make a self storage solution work, it’s not always a viable option for the growing or busy business. Logistics and fast-paced businesses know all too well that time is an incredibly precious commodity, and that time really does mean money. So why stress about storage when you can have a team of experts look after your storage needs for you? Our team at K2 Storage Solutions have years of helping businesses of all sizes to find the bespoke storage service that their business needs, and can rely on. Before making the choice on a warehouse storage provider for your business, we’ve put together a helpful guide which includes insider knowledge and common questions our team gets asked, so that you can make an informed decision regarding the type of storage solutions that are right for you.

What Sets A Good Storage Provider Out From The Crowd?

There are quite a few pointers that we can provide when it comes to finding a reputable storage provider. Our main points to look out for are:

Range Of Services If you have a growing business, you’re going to want to go with a flexible warehousing provider that can scale as your business does. It’s no use opting for a smaller, cheaper storage provider, only to have to migrate premises and deal with the logistical headache that comes along with it.

Be sure to look at the range of stock a warehouse stores, and is currently capable of storing. For example, at K2 Storage Solutions, we have experience in a wide range of stock storage including:

  • Paper
  • Signs
  • Company Documents
  • Machinery
  • Fabrics
  • Retail-Ready Products

Getting to know a storage provider and the types of stock they currently have should weigh into your decision making process when deciding on which provider is right for your business.

Security Arguably the most important factor, choosing a secure business storage provider is paramount to any services on offer. For peace of mind that your stock is safe, opt for a warehouse that is both modern and secure. Any reputable warehousing unit will gladly show you round the security systems and outline how they keep your stock safe.

Price The most common deciding factor in choosing a storage provider, it can often always come down to price. Before signing on the dotted line, think to yourself; is this price too good to be true based on its quality? Does this provider have the right kind of services I need to scale and make my logistics operations more efficient?

Location If you’re a busy haulage or logistics company, the last thing your fleet wants to worry about is the time it takes to drive out of their way to collect stock. If this describes your business, then it’s best to opt for a provider that is central to your primary locations of operation, or at least close to motorway networks to ensure your team won’t have any unnecessarily long trips (and wasted time/money) just to collect stock.

Making The Choice That’s Right For Your Business

Ultimately, you’ll know which storage facility will work for you. Whether it’s a small self storage operation for your startup company, or an established operation that can handle as much stock as you can throw at it, we hope that this guide has helped in giving you an insight into the types of services and attributes you need to look for in a business storage provider.

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